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The general concept of AreaX NFT is gamification. All assets in AreaX NFT have two important attributes Points and Stars.
Points is like rarity but it will calculated by smartcontract not by users.
The maximum and minimum of points for an item is 100 and 5.
If you create an item in create NFT, you will get just 5 points.
If you create a set you can get more points according the number of items in set.
Users by burning some special NFT can add stars to an item.
The name of special NFTs for burning is Crystal.
Crystal NFTs aren't exist in usual you should mine it or by from a miner
There is some special NFTs that by giving the star to them, some feature would be added or upgraded
NFT Miners
NFT Miners is a simple game that you should mine crystal dust and refine it to get a Crystal NFT Crystal NFTs will used for adding star to an NFT.
Bule Crystal
The mining of blue crystal is hard but it will give you 5 progress for an NFT
Green Crystal
The mining of green crystal is not so hard, it will give you 3 progress for an NFT
Red Crystal
The mining of green crystal is easy, it will give you 1 progress for an NFT
Stars and progress
1st star needs 5 progress
2nd star needs 10 progress
3rd star needs 15 progress
4th star needs 20 progress
5th star needs 25 progress